GIRES’ publishing house actively supports the endeavors of scholars of all levels, gender and nationality. We are committed to promoting excellence and fresh scholarly ideas. We wish our publications to have an impact on the academic world and offer new perspectives, creative approaches and generate dialogue. We publish original material and presently we focus on humanities and social sciences without excluding ideas linked to sciences such as medicine that discuss ideas with a direct impact on global society. While our lingua franca is English, GIRES is by definition a multilingual institute serving the global academic community and thus respects the dynamics of all languages. We publish in English, Spanish, Dutch, Greek, Russian, Portuguese and French, so we offer the opportunity to authors and audience from all over the world to enjoy and learn from our publications.

Welkom, Bem-vindo, Bienvenido, Bienvenue, добро пожаловать, Καλώς ήρθατε, Welcome to GIRES Publishing!

Submit your book proposal

If you have  a manuscript, an idea for a book, a collective volume or a (college/university) textbook in mind you came to the right place!
We respect authors and we consider their approach on their work crucial for us. For that, it would be helpful to send us some information as listed below:

Please include the following in your submission:
1.Author CV
2.Synopsis (chapter breakdown)
3. Approximate length-number of words excluding bibliography and appendixes
4. Sample chapter (or two depending on length)
5. Time frame (when can we have a first draft?)
6. Language of submission (in which language will you write your book?)
7.Any marketing or publicity information that would help to sell such a book

Please include all the documents in one PDF file (up to 10MB) and email it  here

Manuscripts Submission General Guidelines

Please present the following when submitting to GIRES PRESS.

  • Copy of the manuscript (as part of our blind peer review process, we ask that you please avoid authorial references in this document). 
  • Cover letter that introduces the submission. 
  • A separate title page that includes author name, title, contact details, and institutional affiliations. This will not go to reviewers. 
  • Abstract.
  • A brief biographical sketch (no longer than 50 words), which will be included in an accepted article.  

Manuscript Format and Style

  • To reflect GIRES’ emphasis on diverse articles and lengths, word count may be anywhere between 4,000-8,000 words for an article, 5,000-10,000 for book a chapter and 60,000-90,000 words for a book– not including notes, figures, and tables. 
  • As the peer review process is blind review, can authors please not identify themselves in the text or notes of their submission.
  • If there are multiple corresponding authors then one should be nominated for communication with editorial. 
  • Abstracts should preferably be between 150-250 words. 
  • Text should be presented as double-spaced (footnotes single spaced). Both text and footnotes should include 1 inch margins and 12 point font. 
  • Do not right-justify endnotes or the right margin.
  • GIRES PRESS accepts both British and American English, as long as contributions are consistent throughout the article/chapter/book. 
  • Please reference using Chicago citation style. Authors are responsible for preparing the citations to comply with these referencing standards and ensuring the accuracy of their authorities. 
  • Tables and figures should be accompanied by a legend. 
  • Any acknowledgements and details of funding should be included in a separate page at the end of the article. 
  • Authors should define any abbreviations they will be using at first occurrence.
  • Paginate the entire manuscript.

-Manuscripts will be reviewed anonymously by scholars with expertise in the article’s subject matter. Charges will apply for all colour figures that appear in the print version of the journal and books.
-During submission, please clearly state whether figures should appear in colour in the online version only, or also in the print version. Charges will be included in the colour figures for printed versions.

Please direct any questions here.