Studies Preparation


GIRES PREP©  is a program dedicated to support students and young scholars of all disciplines in their studies quest.

GIRES, oriented and dedicated in supporting and educating the younger generations, offers them the tools to fulfill their dreams. We focus, advise and guide school graduates who want to enter the academic world (Bachelor programs) and young scholars who seek for a postgraduate program (Master’s- Doctorate, PhD).

Do you wonder what is the right program for you or what are the entry requirements? Thinking of the future perspectives or how to seek for funding opportunities? You don’t know how to prepare your application, write your CV and cover letter or you are afraid that you won’t pass the interview? All these, and many more important questions need professional answers and guidance to find your way out this maze. GIRES is here to listen your ideas and goals, help you find the correct program and choose the right university and country for your studies.

GIRES’ international team of experts from all continents offers tailored services and a range of tools that will support your endeavors. We work exclusively with and for you. We evaluate the existing documents or help you prepare them from scratch so you can create a dynamic portfolio for your future studies and career.

We also support PhD candidates with their project proposals. Knowing how challenging a doctoral proposal can be, our team will guide you through this fascinating yet demanding process, offer solutions, elaborate and evaluate an existing proposal or take your primary idea, frame into a project and create a successful a proposal. With GIRES team you can  transform your idea into a feasible and successful project!

We collaborate with you so you successfully prepare the applications for your future studies. We work with you on your cover letters and your resume so they clearly depict your goals and underline your values and experiences. We guide you so you can create powerful academic and professional media profiles and successfully share your profile with the global academic community.

Particularly for students who wish to apply for study programs and need extra support in strengthening their skills we offer a wide range of tailored workshops on academic writing, critical thinking, note taking along with language services and many more. Have a look at our Skills Hub.

GIRES PREP© will fully prepare you for your next academic steps. Your will ensure that you make your dreams come true.

GIRES has got your back!

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