The Hague Humanity Hub supports and strengthens the ecosystem for a more peaceful and just world. They facilitate connections and innovation by offering the necessary ingredients for chance encounters, new alliances, inspirational collaborations, and the exchange of knowledge. and also strive to enable effective action through community, programmes, and The Hague Humanity Hub campus. The Hague Humanity Hub is the home of numerous international organizations, universities and foundations such as the University of Leiden as the the United Nations  Refugee Agency. GIRES is member of the Hub since 2023.

Lean In Network Netherlands Randstad is the dutch chart of the global non-profit organization Lean In with chapters in 180+ countries. It helps women achieve their ambitions and helps companies build inclusive workplaces where women of all identities are supported and empowered.
GIRES with more than 85% of its core members being women fully supports the organization’s initiative for inclusion and equality in working environment by empowering our colleagues and offering a fair and equal place for them to express themselves and thrive. 

Greece in USA is a non-profit organization with a global reach that promotes knowledge of contemporary and ancient Greek Culture while fostering international cultural cooperation, experimentation and social engagement. The organization’s extensive programming includes commissioned artists’ and curators’ projects, residencies, educational and ecological initiatives and the commitment to cultivating a sensible culture of innovation and thought leadership.

Melian Dialogue Research is a boutique research consultancy that specialises in exploratory research focusing mostly on behavioural, design and data-driven research across all industries.They provide with the answers so their collaborators go further along the curve to present solutions they may not have considered.

GIRES supports with all its powers, scholar Kaila Austin, the soul of the idea, creator and leader of the project,  focusing on the Norwood Community Archives which is a grass-roots effort to preserve the legacy of the US Colored Troops in the Southeast quadrant of Indianapolis as development threatens to push them from their ancestral homes. Initially formed by Ms. Flinora Frazier, matriarch of Norwood, and community historian, Kaila Austin, the archives consist of family collections and oral histories as told by the descendants of the USCT. The archives span the undocumented history of the quadrant as the hunting grounds of the Delaware Indians to its formal colonization in 1820s and its transition into a Freetown in the years following the Civil War.

Cine en las Aldeas is a foundation and production company with offices in Colombia and Venezuela. Its main objective is the training, production, promotion and dissemination of cinematographic materials in rural and difficult-to-access areas, as well as direct work with vulnerable communities and minorities. Cine en las Aldeas is at the head of “Proyecto Filma” a series of training processes with a differential approach that are developed with the support of allies national and international, celebrating six editions to date: “Filma LGBTI Cartagena”, Filma Mujer Cartagena “,” Filma Afro Internacional 2019 “,” Filma Afro Comunitario 2020 “and” Filma Afro Internacional 2020 “.GIRES supports FILMA AFRO since  2020 with awards and scholarships for the winners of FILMA AFRO international competition. A wonderful opportunity for GIRES to have in its premises young, promising and excellent artists and offer them the internationalization they deserve. In 2020, we had the pleasure and honor to welcome four young cinematographers in the workshop tutored by Dr. Eduardo Rencurrell. In 2021 till now, GIRES is present and supports FILMA AFRO’s endeavors, dreams and creativity.

Out of the Box Intermedia was founded in 2008 in London and Athens and produces projects with the support of the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Tourism, the European Cultural Foundation, the British Council, the French Institute, NEON Foundation and the Onassis Foundation.

Undercurrent based in New York, is a collective of artists who originated from Sla307 Art Space (2015-2019) & represents, reflects, and identifies aesthetic, emotional, and philosophical complexities in the arts of our time as exhibited in painting, sculpture, mixed media, film, word, and sound. They intend to highlight the existence of multilayered, multipolar systems operating today that simultaneously radiate openness, vulnerability, and self-reflection. 

Backshop is the first company in the Netherlands to fully focus on the then potential imbalance between people and their computers. The focus, 25 years later, is on holistic advice on complaints and their prevention. provides us with valuable information about healthy and ergonomic working environment



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