Aesthetical Territorialities in Documentary Film: Explorations & Dissidences

Aesthetical Territorialities in Documentary Film: Explorations & Dissidences

Editors: Eduardo Rencurrell Díaz, Pedro Hernández Herrera, Àngel Pèrez Velázquez
Publisher: GIRES Press
Publish: November 2020
Pages: 200 Pages
Country of Publication: The Netherlands
Language: English
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The Book

Aesthetical Territorialities in Documentary Film: Explorations & Dissidences

GIRES, the Global Institute for Research, Education and Scholarship dedicated to the support of academic pluralism, has the immense pleasure to welcome the insightful collective work from an exceptional team of international scholars. The leading editorial team, consisting of our very own Eduardo Rencurrell Díaz along with Pedro Hernández Herrera and Angel Pérez Velázquez, embrace the globally and scholarly oriented visions of the contributors and create a great book on the craft of documentary film. Diverse theoretical perspectives, philosophical, dramaturgical, hermeneutical, historical, gender and cultural, come together, aiming at a deeper understanding of this genre’s complexities. A wide spectrum of analytical tools will provide a window for academic development in film studies and criticism, resulting on insightful reflections about the representation of heritage, memory, gender, sexuality and ideology. 

The Editorial Team 

  • Eduardo Rencurrell Díaz
  • Pedro Hernández Herrera
  • Àngel Pèrez Velázquez

The Co-Editorial Team

  • Markella Koutsouradi 
  • Flavia Macías
  • Agustín Daniel Desiderato
  • Konstantinos Karatzas 

The Contributors 

  • Pedro Hernández 
  • Àngel Pèrez Velázquez 
  • Eduardo Rencurrell
  • Mayra Sánchez
  • Eduardo Morales 
  • Belkis Vega 
  • Daniel Diez
  • Luis Avel Oliveros
  • Herbin Jandy Amú
  • Aurora Rodríguez 
  • Karina Paz Ernand
  • Lisa María Velázquez
  • Iwona Koscielecka
  • Orlando Blanco

Table of Contents  

-Pedro Hernández
The Relevance of Research for Documentary Filmmaking 

Ángel Pérez
Towards an Insightful Description of the New Documentary

-Eduardo Rencurrell
Dramaturgical Tools for Documentary Film Creation & Deconstruction

-Mayra Sánchez
The Epistemological Foundations of Documentary Film

Eduardo Morales
Non-Fiction Films. A critical perspective

Belkis Vega
Reflections about the process of documentary filmmaking

Daniel Diez
Documentary filmmaking as a tool for community development

Luis Avel Oliveros
Crossed Pathways Among Documentary Cinema & anthropology

Herbin Jandy Amú
The representation of African Cultural Heritage in LatinAmerican Cinema of actuality

Aurora Rodríguez
Controversies of Transmedia Documentary

Karina Paz Ernand
A Gender Perspective Towards Cuban Cinema of the Real

Lisa María Velazquez
Montage and New Subjectivities in Documentary Film

Iwona Koscielecka
The Construction of Feminine Pleasure and Sexuality in Non-Fiction Film

-Orlando Blanco
New documentary phenomena: the cyber-audio vision of reality