Public Speaking Coaching


GIRES OPEN© is our custom-tailored program for all students and professional who are ready to share their ideas with the world.

Are you anxious about the paper you have to present in a conference, speak in audience, at work or in an event? Does a presentation in front of your academic committee frighten you? Do you think that sharing your work in front of your colleagues is not among your best skills? Are you preparing for an academic, public or political role? 

Our program leads you through the demanding and fascinating craft of public speaking. You will learn how to use your body language, manage you voice, choose your words properly; your audience awaits you and we know how to engage them. We teach you the theory of this fine art and also present you with the necessary tools that will help you give a successful and memorable speech, talk or presentation.

We will share our techniques and experience as professional public speakers and help you get on stage, powerful and convincing. Our team consists of academics, medical doctors, educators, scientists and ambassadors, who are highly experienced in presenting their work, values and beliefs publicly in all kinds of media outlets. For instance, the director of GIRES, Konstantinos Karatzas, in his 2018 TEDx talk, shared his dream about the role of history in our lives, in front of more than 4000 people. And this only one of the many examples of our experience in front of audiences! 

Our program is suitable either for one-on-one coaching or for group sessions. For corporate and groups arrangements, we offer extensive services and engage our participants in practicing public speaking skills so they implement directly what they have learnt from us.

GIRES OPEN© unlocks the doors of public speaking for you and leads you towards success.

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