Who we are

“Aut viam inveniam aut faciam”

The Global Institute for Research, Education and Scholarship (GIRES) is a multi-interdisciplinary, academically oriented non-profit, independent hub that embraces the entire spectrum of scholarly disciplines, supports freedom of speech and artistic expression, promotes equality and respects diversity.

GIRES is a welcoming and friendly Institute for all passionate scholars who have an innovative, collaborative and creative approach to academia. We are researchers, educators, and scientists, we all those who are engaged in building the foundation for coming generations.

The Institute is committed to allyship, inclusivity, diversity and supports the United Nations' sustainable development goals. GIRES, as an educational institute aligns, in particular (but no limited), with the following UN goals: Quality Education, Gender Equality, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Reduced Inequalities,Responsible Consumption and Production,Climate Action, Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions and Partnerships to support the goals succeed.

We wish to empower and inform the modern global citizen, propose new directions in research and offer resources to those working toward a brighter future. Through the power of dialogue, mutual understanding and respect we wish to set the path for the promising changes that our world deserves for more tolerant, broadminded and constantly evolving societies.

We wish to explore and inaugurate new approaches in pedagogy, embrace technologies that support rather than alienate educators, listen and discuss with one other. We focus on all levels of education in order to create a new and meaningful school and, more widely, a contemporary and pioneering approach within academia.

Active in research and a supporter of multi-faceted scholarship, GIRES places society and its citizens at the center of its actions. It explores the past, analyzes the present and interprets the future and tracks the roots that formed our identity, affected our memory and shaped our social, economic, political and technological reality.

Our motto, “Aut viam inveniam aut faciam” concentrates our character and vision. GIRES, its acronym inspired by gyres, the large systems of rotating ocean currents that shape our habitat and affect our lives, “will either find a path or create one”. We embrace innovation and wish to transform global education

What we do

GIRES is dedicated to the promotion and creation of collaborative projects and the dissemination of knowledge. Open to scholars of all levels and disciplines, and to students and enthusiasts, it serves the global academic community and through excellence, creativity and imagination establishes the foundations for the education of the 21st century.

Established in 2019 in the Netherlands, by experienced academics from every continent, our team organizes conferences, workshops and seminars both virtual and physical, supports scholars with career placement, covers their publishing needs and promotes dialogue through its blog. We also offer services for grant writing and multi-level coaching so our members feel our constant support in their endeavors.


We, the GIRESens, welcome you to embrace our values and vision and become part of our ecosystem. We invite people who think and work outside the box and are open to collaboration. We create clusters of scholars and through our network you can work with people who share similar interests, values and dreams.

Independent scholars are particularly welcomed to make GIRES their scholarly hub. Our holistic approach and multifaceted support along with our long experience in academic reality makes us ideal for (in)dependent scholars to thrive and evolve. We have all experienced the loneliness in this ocean of scholarship and we are determined to become the medium that will offer answers, propose collaborations and connect you with peers to discuss and create.

If you are seeking an academic home, would like an opinion about your project, have a conference to propose and are looking for a host and co-panelists, or you would like to teach one of our workshops or seminars, we are here for you.

GIRES focuses in particular on young scholars and students. If you are in the first steps of your academic life and you would like to gain valuable experiences and strengthen your resume you may join us either as a volunteer or an intern.

Becoming a GIRESen means that you will have an academic family to support, guide and advise you while we also hope you will share your knowledge, experiences and skills with our community. We have the tools to support your endeavors and while our membership options vary, our affiliates receive a personalized GIRES email, business cards and various options to work for and with the Institute. Publishing, teaching, researching, applying for national and international funding programs, proposing ideas for activities, leading projects are only some of the privileges GIRES members enjoy. We do not charge membership fees as our goal is to allow all scholars and enthusiasts become part of our community, share the opinions, boost their creativity and enjoy the companionship and support within our Institute.

The life of a scholar may be a lonely path but you are not alone.If you wish to become part of the GIRES family feel free to contact us.