Code of Conduct




GIRES-GLOBAL INSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH, EDUCATION & SCHOLARSHIP B.V. is an international institution that aims at building a cohesive environment for scholarly and personal expression. Inclusivity and cultural competency are the cornerstones of a true participatory democracy, and by extension, a fundamental priority for the institute.

All guests, presenters, speakers and those who attend as audience and all members of GIRES either participate in any of the activities of the institute or represent it anywhere in the world, it is obligatory to comply with our code of conduct, code of ethics along with our non-discrimination and anti-harassment policy.

In detail, the members of GIRES-the Global Institute for Research, Education & Scholarship and all those who participate in any of its activities (physical and/or virtual), in any country, shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender identity, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status and/or sexual orientation.

Sexual harassment or any other unwelcome sexual advances are also prohibited. This policy forbids harassment based on gender regardless of whether the offensive conduct is sexual in nature and regardless of whether it rises to the level of a legal violation. Any unwelcome conduct based on gender is also forbidden by this policy regardless of whether the individual engaged in harassment and the individual being harassed are of the same or are of different genders.

Examples of harassment (not limited solely to these cases) are: (1) offensive sex-oriented verbal kidding, teasing or jokes; (2) repeated unwanted sexual flirtations, advances or propositions; (3) verbal abuse of a sexual nature; (4) graphic or degrading comments about an individual’s appearance or sexual activity; (5) offensive visual conduct, including leering, making sexual gestures, the display of offensive sexually suggestive objects or pictures, cartoons or posters; (6) unwelcome pressure for sexual activity; (7) offensively suggestive or obscene letters, notes or invitations; or (8) offensive physical contact such as patting, grabbing, pinching, or brushing against another’s body.

We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our staff, volunteers and participants. Any discrimination will have zero tolerance, GIRES will take affirmative action measures and the members, volunteers, staff, audience, and/or participants that will violate any of the above and will not respect our values and code of conduct, code of ethics along with our non-discrimination and anti-harassment policy, will be banned for life from r GIRES, the Global Institute for Research Education & Scholarship based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and its activities and if the leadership of the institute decides that it is necessary, relevant authorities will be contacted and all legal measures will be taken according to the law.