The neglected Oral History of Cyprus

The neglected Oral History of Cyprus

Research Project

GIRES, the Global Institute for Research, Education & Scholarship explores International history and focuses on the formation of modern national identities, the creation of political cultures and also the ways that collective and individual memory are shaped and (often) manipulated. In this project, we focus on  Cyprus and its unique modern history; a case study from which we can learn and understand  the ways modern geopolitics have affected and altered post WWII world. Cyprus remains the only country, after the fall of Iron Curtain and the unification of Germany and Berlin, with a divided capital. We wish to explore history through the stories of our people; not only we will reveal but also save unique fragments of global history.

Call for Volunteers
We are  looking for researchers and enthusiasts to document oral histories concerning bi communal relations regarding the period 1960-1974. The oral histories should focus on the independence of Cyprus, bi communal tensions of the 1960s and the coup and subsequent invasion of 1974. Researchers should be fluent in Greek and / or Turkish and possess excellent knowledge of English. The researchers should be willing to document the oral histories of individuals living in mixed villages, police officers, civil servants at all levels of central or local government, soldiers, members of paramilitary organizations, religious leaders, active members of political parties.

Our institute’s highly experienced team is responsible for  teaching and training all participants. We will offer the necessary training on recording and taking notes, saving and protecting your valuable material, using the relevant equipment and software along with learning how to lead successful interviews. All participants will be have official affiliation with  GIRES, the Global Institute for Research, Education and Scholarship.

The aim is to create a collection of oral histories which shed light on the often neglected aspects of Cyprus’ history. The collection of these stories will serve as a valuable basis of research and possible educational source for anyone who is interested in gaining an unbiased view of the contemporary history of the island. We also hope to investigate how members of the two communities cooperated together but also the ways in which irredentist nationalist hopes and extremism affected them. 

We will safeguard and shed light upon hidden stories. We aim at creating an online repository of oral testimonies, a documentary and publications relevant to the material.

Our history is our memories!
If you share our vision, you are more than welcome to join our team!

Leading Research Team

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