Nikos Mitsimponas, MD, MSc

Dr. Mitsimponas is a medical oncologist. He works as a consultant in the HYGEIA Hospital, Athens, Greece. He was trained and specialized in medical oncology in Germany (Marien Hospital Düsseldorf, University Heinrich-Heine Düsseldorf). Now he is running his master on palliative and supportive care of oncological patients in the medical school in University of Athens. He is also a clinical fellow of “The Cristie Hospital” Manchester UK, NHS Trust Foundation.

He is the main writer of the ESMO Guide on Survivorship and furthermore he edited the ESMO guide on survivorship in Greek offering a pioneer work to the medical society in Greece

Dr. Mitsimponas shows also a great interest in participating in clinical research and in scientific writing (articles in scientific magazines and abstracts in congresses are only some of his achievements).

He is also talented in lecturing in medical congresses focusing on medical oncology and he is invited in several oncological congresses as a guest lecturer. He made the presentation of the ESMO Guide on Survivorship in the launch event in ESMO 2017 in Madrid. Furthermore, he is also member of the Hellenic gynecological working group on transitional and clinical research and he is an active member of the Hellenic Society of medical Oncology (HESMO).

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