Markella Koutsouradi, MA

Markella Koutsouradi is a PhD student at University of the Aegean, where since 2014 she has been teaching Geopolitics, Economic Geography and Politics, and International Law of the Sea at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Her research interests and her area of expertise encompass International relations, linguistics, geopolitics, and International Law of the Sea, as she focuses on combining political science with linguistics and critical discourse analysis. In her PhD thesis she proposes an intelligent fusion of methods for the identification of leadership behavioral patterns in the Middle East and more particularly in Iran. Building on a good understanding of global geopolitics and Middle East specific characteristics her research aims to interpret how driving forces of the above domains can streamline possible geopolitical attitudes and reactions in the regional chessboard. More specifically, through conceptual modelling she profiles political leaders and streamlines political tendencies and patterns in Middle East. She has participated in several conferences and contribute to academic publications. She is an active member of International Association of Researchers and Scientists and Manager Editor of Middle East FORUM Journal.

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