Katerina Amanatidi

Katerina Amanatidi follows the International Hospitality Management  Bachelor Program at the “Hotelschool The Hague” in the Netherlands.She attended the International Baccalaureate Diploma which gave her the opportunity to explore her personality and made her an international thinker.

Katerina participated as Volunteer in the Athens Classical Marathon, visited and donated food and clothes supplies to the Kepep institution in Olympia and to an elderly home. Katerina has also participated in the 7th International Student Literature Conference in Istanbul, has collaborated with the institute “Prolepsis” and has supported the program called “Food aid and promotion of Healthy Nutrition- Diatrofi”.

She has interest in learning new languages, skills and sports and practice hers craft in hospitality. She has collaborated with a Hospitality Company, a Yacht rentals and services company and NGOS; she looks forward to broadening her horizons and gaining more scholarly and professional experiences.


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