Iwona Kościelecka, MA

Iwona Kościelecka is a Ph.D. candidate at Faculty of Philology, at University of Gdansk in Poland. She is assigned to the Institute of Culture Studies, Institute of Film and Audiovisual Culture and he dissertation is entitled: The Notion of Visual Pleasure in Film Theory and Practice: Laura Mulvey Revisited. She has an MA  by the Institute of English and American Studies by the same university and a second Master’s degree on European Studies by the Pultusk Academy of Humanities in Poland.

Iwona is the recipient of several prestigious grants among which are a European Union grant NAWA PROM for PhD candidates to run lectures in Havana University of Arts, Cuba – second semester of academic year 2019/2020 and several scholarships from the University of Gdansk – among which is the award for the Best Quality Research Scholarship from  2017 till 2019.

Iwona has been active in publishing and her articles have hosted by academic journals in Poland and Cuba. She has been guest speaker in several conferences around the world while her her scholarly interests focus on the evolution of the gaze in screening sexuality in mainstream cinema, the representations of corporeality and sexuality in visual culture, the female gaze and visual pleasure category in psychoanalytical context, the gendered theories of visual perception and identity and the theory of fetish and visual arts.

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