Helen Vatsikopoulos, PhD

Helen Vatsikopoulos is a recipient of the prestigious Walkley Award for excellence in journalism, (1992) Australia’s top journalism prize awarded for her work on the collapse of the Soviet Union.

She has a doctorate in Creative Arts from the University of Technology Sydney and has made three documentaries.

She joined the University of Technology in 2011 after a decades long career as a video journalist and presenter for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the Special Broadcasting Service and the Australia Network that broadcast throughout Asia and the Pacific.

Helen’s research interests include Fake News and Disinformation, Trauma and Storytelling, Suppressed storytelling and the gaps in historical narratives, Diversity in the media and diverse storytelling among others.

She was born in Florina, Greece and lives in Sydney, Australia.

She is currently writing a non-fiction book of literary journalism set in Prespa, Western Macedonia, Greece.

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