Eleni Tzanetou

Eleni alongside her humanitarian character, is  an aspiring Doctor, Surgeon and Scientist. So far, during her highschool years she has participated in a variety of activities, which all had the aim of broadening her academic horizons, as well as provide her the possibility of “giving back”.

She has been part of the European Mathematics Student Seminar “Euromath”  in which she, alongside her teammates, delivered a presentation on the formation and  application of a complex cycloid equation and other applications of the circle. She has organized, along with a partner, an “Environmental Art Exhibition” whose proceeds were donated to an environmental NGO. She has also spent time shadowing surgical residents in a Pediatric Hospital. Her education includes the Bilingual International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Her studies continue as a medical student (MD) at the European University of Cyprus.  Her vision is to innovate in the medical world and provide quality healthcare, as well as comfort, to those in need.


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