Eduardo Rencurrell Díaz, PhD

Eduardo holds a Ph.D of Arts (Awarded as the Best Ph. D thesis of  2019) from the University of the Arts (ISA) of Cuba / Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA). From the same schools he received his Bachelor’s on Audiovisual Communication with Summa Cum Laude and a Master’s degree on Film Production with Distinction.

He has extensive professional experience in Mass Media as filmmaker/ film director and also works as a university professor, specialized in film direction, theory and practice on documentary film, screenplay writing, thesis advisement and academical curriculum coordination.

Eduardo has collaborated in filmmaking projects for prestigious institutions, organizations and film producers such as: UN, British Council, Tiger Nest Films Productions, Firesoul Media, Páramo Films, BBC, ITN Channel 4 News, Unreported World, Cuban Institute for Radio and TV (ICRT), Enterprise for Audiovisual and Informatic products for Education (CINESOFT), among others. He has also partake in teaching, working as a professor  for the Faculty of Mass Media Arts of the Cuban University of the Arts (ISA), the Department of International Workshops of the School for Cinema and TV of San Antonio de los Baños (EICTV), the Cuban Centre of Radio and TV Studies (CERT), The Cuban Association for Social Communicators (ACCS), among others.

He has published several term papers on Documentary film theory, Gender studies, Film criticism, Education, Heritage and cultural studies… for academical books, magazines and digital spaces in Cuba, Mexico, India, and Colombia. He has also participated in international events in Cuba, México, Colombia and China and won several scholarships awards such us IBERMEDIA Scholarship for Film Afro International Documentary Workshop, CARIBBEAN TALES INCUBATOR, International Joung Forum III and World Largest Lesson and SDGs Festival.

He has served on the jury for international and national contests such as: Caribbean Tales Incubator Habana, Low Budget International Film Festival, IMAGO Film Festival and the National Event for Cultural Research (ALBUR).


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