Dina Vardaramatou, MA

Dina Vardaramatou is a social worker with postgraduate degrees in Social and Community Work Studies and Applied Social Studies. Scientific Advisor of Project Empowerment of Socially Excluded Women in Georgia (2003-2005). President of the Board of the Centre of Research and Action on Peace (2003-2006), Project Coordinator of Stop Trafficking of People Now (STOPNOW – 2000-2009) and founder and coordinator of the Galatsi Group (ad hoc group of stakeholders – state agencies, international organisations and civil society organisations on anti-trafficking issues, 2002-2009).

She is member of the Committee of Social Agencies, Ministry of Health (2008-2012) and of the Coordinating Committee of the Observatory Against Gender-based Violence (2007-2012) and member of the Executive Board of the Association of Women of the Mediterranean Region (AWMR), international NGO (1996-1998).

She has extensively worked – as a professional, activist and volunteer – with socially or/and economically excluded groups such as victims of trafficking, of hate speech and crime; mobile populations, people from vastly different and cultural backgrounds and on issues of human rights, women’s rights, equity and social inclusion. She is currently President of Board of Directors of PRAKSIS, Secretary of the Hellenic Antipoverty Network and Member of the Board of Directors of the Greek Network for the Right to Housing.

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