Despina Batziou, MSc

Despina Batziou is the Public Relations Manager and founding member of GIRES- the the Global Institute for Research Education & Scholarship. She has been working in the institute since its establishment in 2019 and her contribution has been instrumental in the formation  of the structure and the public image of GIRES. She is the key person that connects GIRES to the world and the world with GIRES!

Despina has a long career in executive positions in Greece and the Netherlands. She has gained her BSc in Civil Engineering from the Technological Institute of Athens and her MSc from the University of Manchester. She also holds advanced diplomas in Conflict Management, in Professional Interactions and Negotiation Process along with Marketing and Sales Management certificates from the UK, the USA and the Netherlands. She has been a skillful Senior Civil Engineer with over 10 years of experience in the sector and 10 years as Head of Sales in Film Industry.

Friendly and creative, dedicated to innovation and excellence, adaptive and task oriented, she has infused her experience and skills in GIRES works. Despoina is the head project manager of GIRES , responsible for the management of all collaborative projects and the development of GIRES’ international relations.

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