Athanasios Kechrimparis, MSc

Athanasios hold a BSc (Hons) on Maritime Business by Southampton Solent University in the UK in association with Metropolitan College in Piraeus, Greece and an MSc in International Shipping and Logistics by the same university. He has worked at Ocean Rich Marine Service Co,Ltd based in Piraeus, Greece at the Supply- Mannin and the Publication and Updates Certificate Department. He is  scholarly active and has  attended several seminars and conference some of which are: Institute of Maritime & Economics Studies “Shipping Finance & Capital Markets” in 2018, the  MaR EDU 2018 “1st Maritime Educational Forum” in 2018, the “Loads: Wet and dry cargo, routes, IMO code categorization, loading methods and unloading ships, ”Chartering: How loads are? Charterparty terms, spot market vs time charters”, ”Functional ship and office management: ISM,the role of the DPA and the individual parts of Shipping Companies” in 2018, the Shipping Leaders in Residence “Career prospects in Shipping” and “Funding Forms Maritime” both held in 2018. He is  keen traveler and his  Certification of Sailing Yacht License has allowed me sail in some parts of this wonderful yet vast world, which he hopes to fully explore in his life.

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