Roberto Marchesini, PhD

Roberto Marchesini is the Director of School of Human-Animal Interactions and the Center for the Study of Posthumanist Philosophy, both based in Bologna, Italy.

He studied veterinary science and philosophy at the University of Bologna. Marchesini has been directed his studies into philosophical ethology, bioethics, zooanthropology, and posthumansism in an effort to better comprehend human-animal interactions and technology. He links science and the humanities, practice and theory in researching real-world relations between humans and animals as well as philosophical studies of the far-ranging influence of animals on human identity, culture, and being.

He has written or co-written more than 50 books and a lot of scientific essays. Amongst his main publications for English-audience: Over the human. Post-humanism and the Concept of Animal Epiphany (Springer 2017), The Philosophical Ethology of Roberto Marchesini (Collected essays edited by Jeffrey Bussolini, Brett Buchanan, Matthew Chrulew, Rutledge 2017), Dialogo Ergo Sum. My Pathway into Posthumanities (University of Virginia Press, 2018), Beyond Anthropocentrism (Mimesis International, 2018), Philosophical Ethology and Animal Subjectivity, in Animality in Contemporary Italian Philosophy edited by Felice Cimatti and Carlo Salzani (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020), The Virus Paradigm (Cambridge University Press 2021), with Marco Celentano Critical Ethology and Post-Anthropocentric Ethics (Springer, 2021).


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