Maria Ines Tato, PhD

Dr Tato holds a PhD in History from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and is Professor of Secondary and Higher Education in History.

She is a Researcher of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council – Argentina (CONICET) at the Institute of Argentine and American History “Dr Emilio Ravignani”, UBA/CONICET. Founder and coordinator of the Group of Historical War Studies (GEHiGue; at that Institute.

She is Professor of Modern and Contemporary History at the Faculty of Social Sciences – UBA, and the Master in War History – Superior School of War – Faculty of the Army – University of National Defense (UNDEF).

Her current research area is the social and cultural history of the war in twentieth century Argentina, particularly the impact of the First World War and the Falklands/Malvinas War.

She held a Postgraduate Research Fellowship and a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, granted by CONICET; a Postdoctoral Grant for a research stay at the Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut, Berlin, Germany, and a Research Fellowship for a research stay at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, United States.

She is author of the following books: La trinchera austral. La sociedad argentina ante la Primera Guerra Mundial (Rosario, Prohistoria Ediciones, 2017),Viento de Fronda. Liberalismo, Conservadurismo y Democracia en la Argentina, 1911-1932 (Buenos Aires, Siglo XXI Editores de Argentina, 2004),

And editor or coeditor of the following ones: La cuestión Malvinas en la Argentina del siglo XX. Una historia social y cultural (with Luis Esteban Dalla Fontana, Rosario, Prohistoria, forthcoming), The global First World War and its aftermath (with Ana Paula Pires and Jan Schmidt, London, Routledge, forthcoming), Guerras del siglo XX. Experiencias y representaciones en perspectiva global (with Ana Paula Pires and Luis Esteban Dalla Fontana, Rosario, Prohistoria, 2019), La Gran Guerra en América Latina. Una historia conectada (with Olivier Compagnon, Camille Foulard and Guillemette Martin, Mexico, CEMCA, 2018), Las grandes guerras del siglo XX y la comunidad española de Buenos Aires (with Nadia de Cristóforis, Buenos Aires, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras – Universidad de Buenos Aires, 2015), Del Centenario al peronismo. Dimensiones de la vida política argentina (with Martín Castro, Buenos Aires, Imago Mundi, 2010).

She has published many articles in Argentine and international journals (like War in History, First World War Studies, Studies in 20th & 21st Century Literature, Matériaux pour l’histoire de notre temps, Iberoamericana. América Latina – España – Portugal) and book chapters in collective books published in London, Mexico, Frankfurt, Bern, Zurich, Naples, Seville, Leiden and Buenos Aires.

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