Jak Allen, PhD

Jak Allen is Assistant Lecturer in History at the University of Kent. His research area and expertise are in U.S. twentieth century history, combining the disciplines of history, politics, and law, with a particular focus on the courts, civil liberties, and the Constitution. Jak has worked in both the public and private sector, as an academic and financial journalist, which has enabled him to experience the challenges for both industries. This has also given him the opportunity to hone and reformat his writing and presentation skills to explain his research to different audiences. As result, he has written numerous successful research grant applications, including to the Royal History Society and the European Association for American Studies. He has also contributed articles to both media outlets and peer-reviewed academic journals on topics ranging from the politicisation of the American courts to the Supreme Court hearings of Brett Kavanaugh.

Jak is also an avid communicator and public speaker who uses his research background to comment on current U.S. public and political discourse. This has included speaking at conferences, schools, and on the radio. He has enjoyed teaching seminars and delivering lectures on topics related to every century of U.S. history, from the American Revolution up to the modern-day Supreme Court. His interactions with students have focused on their developments as conscious historical actors, allowing them to understand how the foundations set by individuals of the past affect us today. Furthermore, he is an avid civil libertarian, free speech advocate, and member of the UK civil liberties organisation, Liberty, which drives his determination and passion behind his research.

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