Georgios Karakasis, PhD

Georgios Karakasis holds a doctorate from the University of the Basque Country in Spain. He has a graduated (BA) from the Political Sciences and Public Administration Department at the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens in Greece. He got his first Master’s Degree in Phenomenology of Terrorism from the University of Granada in Spain and his second MA in Humanities from the University of the Basque Country. His doctoral dissertation analyzed the philosophy of war, inspired by the thought of Heraclitus and Martin Heidegger. 

Since the very beginning of his studies, he got interested in reactionary thought and extremist movements and that is why he wrote his graduate thesis in Basque University on the political thought and philosophy of Comte Joseph de Maistre. Driven by his interest to combine theoretical and practical knowledge, he wrote his master thesis in the context of his MA in University of Granada, on the “Italian Years of Lead”, focusing on (neo)fascist violence and the phenomena of “stragismo” and the “Strategy of Tension”. 

His main research interests include, among others, the later thought of Martin Heidegger, the (neo)fascist thought and philosophy, the re-emergence of (neo)fascist movements as well as the philosophy of Julius Evola. The main goal of his research is to bridge the gap between theoretical concepts and practical aspects regarding cases of political violence. To do so, he highlights the importance of Humanities in correctly interpreting extremist movements and political violence while, at the same time, he stresses the significance of a thorough and serious reading and understanding of primary literature, namely works, texts and manifestos of terrorist movements and violent perpetrators, in order to facilitate an objective and global comprehension of the phenomenon of terrorism. 

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