Manos S. Karousos, MA

Social Scientist/ Holds a BA in Social Anthropology and an MA in Sociology. He is interested in topics of Black culture in USA and especially in the victimization and prisonization of African Americans. Thus, the representation of African – American as public figures. Also he is specialized at prison environment issues, ghetto and gang culture. His MA Thesis examines the Black Panther Party and attempts to set the cultural background of it. He has written about the prison conditions in Greece and furthermore, how the culture is connected with the institutionalization through several research programs which are ought to be published during 2020. He is an associate researcher and member at the Center for the Study of Crime and also a member of the editorial team of the e-journal “”. He has also conducted numerous interviews with people who were released from jail, in association with “Onisimos”, a NGO that helps prisoners who are currently incarcerated or ex-convincts with major socioeconomic problems. He has attended successfully the ESTEEM4SKILLS(Enhancing Social Sciences Graduates Transversal Entreprenurial and Employment Skills) program for social scientists as a leader of his team on the workshop weekend and also as a desk researcher at CMT Prooptiki in the topic of “Roma political participation”. He has attended numerous seminars about Sociology and Criminology. He was awarded with a scholar prize during his first university year from National Scholarship Foundation. He is also a fervent activist with vulnerable social groups. He speaks Greek(native speaker) , English(highly proficient) and German(very good command).

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