Dionisia Chondrogianni, MA

Dionysia Chondrogianni is a PhD student in Geopolitics and the Law of the Sea, at the University of the Aegean. Her doctoral thesis focuses on Eurasia and especially on the delimitation of the maritime zones in the region of the South China Sea, where the dispute between China and the rest of the littoral states is still on fire. More specifically, she examines the great powers’ attitude toward to regional and world primacy, the political tendencies in the South China Sea and she combines the geopolitical theories with the Law of the Sea. She holds a Master in Shipping, Transport and International Trade from the University of the Aegean. Her thesis focused on the naval blockade of three states˙ Iraq, the Falkland Islands and the Gaza Strip. She also holds a Bachelor Degree in International and European Studies, from Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, where she focused on international law and international relations and strategy. She is interested in Geopolitics, international law and international relations. She has contributed to several international publications on Geopolitics and the Law of the Sea. Some of the publications she participated in are: Geography of Energy, International Law and Maritime Security: The case of China’s Vital Space in the South-China Sea, Maritime Disputes and Regional Security: The Case Studies of Black Sea (Romania V. Ukraine) and South China Sea (the Philippines V. China), Persian – Arabic Gulf: Old Conflicts, New Solutions: The Convention of the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea, The Complexity of the Caspian Basin, The Eastern Mediterranean Complex; Towards An Energy oriented Analysis. Last but not least, she was a teaching assistant for 4 years at the University of the Aegean, in the field of the Law of the Sea, the geopolitical theories and the institutions of the European Union.

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