Grant Writing


GIRES dedicated to support scholars and offer solution to all their demands,, introduces its Grant Writing program, GIRES Biro ©. 

How can you find your way through a long application? What are the key points that will make your proposal different from all the others? What are the dos and don’ts and how you should present your idea so you create a successful grant proposal? Most of the times we puzzle by the complexity of such a process in spite of the fact that we have an innovative idea that cannot stand out because we do not present it properly. 

GIRES Biro © is a program which offers a holistic approach that aims at preparing your application from scratch or sharpen your existing one. Collectively we have a long experience in grant writing since  most of our core members have prepared and submitted countless proposals and received numerous grants in their careers.

We will help you communicate you vision, highlight your points, develop your ideas and create a compelling and solid proposal in order to clearly explain why you deserve to become the next grant recipient. 

Either you are an individual or an organization, GIRES Biro © can cover your needs and offer a tailored and highly professional grant proposal. Servicing a vast part of the world, we write in English, Greek, Spanish, Polish, Russian, French and Dutch. We work on all types of applications whether they are to be submitted in government programs or in private, public, non-profit or for-profit organizations. We also prepare application for programs of the European Union, the United States and all the international organizations (such as UNICEF, NATO, WHO, IMF, UNESCO and IOM) 

Grant writing is a craft and in GIRES we love our craft(wo)manship.

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