Presentation Skills:Mastering the Craft

Presentation Skills:Mastering the Craft

International Workshop
6 & 24 July, 5 August, 17 & 30 September 2023
(Same workshop, different dates)

Course Facilitator:  Konstantinos D. Karatzas, Ph.D 

The Idea
GIRES, the Global Institute for Research, Education & Scholarship supports scholarly community and offers a series of workshops and seminars in collaboration with GIRES’ Skills Hub. This workshop focuses on supporting scholars, students and enthusiasts of all levels and experience enhance their presentation skills and master the craft. Director of GIRES , Konstantinos D. Karatzas, Ph.D, will guide you through the techniques, steps and tricks. The perfect presentation is just a step away!

The Aim
This workshop, organised in a 3 hour-long session, is aimed at undergraduate, masters’ and doctoral-level students, as well as early career researchers and independent scholars. Delivered in a friendly, informal manner, the workshop aims to help the attendees improve their presentation skills and feel confident to share their work in the best possible way. The workshops are designed in a friendly way and no prior knowledge or experience is necessary. In the welcoming classes of GIRES the participants will be able to learn about all the important steps that will help them present their work enjoyably and effectively. Let your audience to know about your hard work, the significant research along with the hidden gems of your project! 

The Structure
The workshop consists of a condensed discussion of a core text chosen for each session.
They are separated into three (3) main blocks + Q&A: 

1. Main topics
2. Analyses
3. Examples

+Q&A: Participants are welcome to discuss with Dr. Karatzas and clarify any questions/thoughts/opinions may arise during each seminar.

The Program

-Steps overview: All you need to prepare for a great presentation
-Audiences and approaches: Present according to your audience
-Identifying your strengths and weaknesses: Let’s find solutions
Software basics: Powerpoint and Keynote
-Structure of the presentation:dos and don’ts
-Information and language: Share your ideas effectively
-Voice, body posture and gestures: present like a pro
-Tips and strategies: use of presentation skills in personal and professional life

Participants have the option to either attend the live sessions or watch at their own pace the pre-recorded sessions on GIRES’ Virtual Platform.
Please choose from the Options at the Registration and we will provide you with the right credentials (LIVE or VIRTUAL)

Due to the restrictions of Corona Crisis our event (for the time being) will take place VIRTUALLY

  • Date of Workshop

    GIRES Headquarters (NL Time)
    6 & 24 July,
    5 August,
    17 & 30 September 2023

  • Deadline for registration

    2 days before each course

  • Time of Workshop

    18.00 Amsterdam time (UTC +2)

  • Duration of each Workshop

    3 h incl. Q&A

  • Format

    -Live Online sessions

    -Virtual Platform
    (Links for meetings provided
    after registration)

    *Participants can always change later between
    Live and Virtual

  • Accreditation

    Official Certificate issued by GIRES

  • Registration fee

    49 euros

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VIRTUAL (Pre-recorded)
SLOT 1: July 6
SLOT 2: July 24
SLOT 3: August 5
SLOT 4: September 17
SLOT 5: September 30

** No extra registration is necessary, your payment is your registration**
** Access credentials will be provided to registered participants  one day prior the workshop, noon Dutch time**


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