Spy Fiction: Exploring Ian Fleming and 70 Years of James Bond

Spy Fiction: Exploring Ian Fleming and 70 Years of James Bond


International Conference
30 September 2023
(Zoom sessions: 1 day/Virtual platform: 3 days)

Thematic Approach

GIRES, the Global Institute for Research Education & Scholarship dedicated to interdisciplinarity organizes the conference dedicated to the captivating world of spy fiction, with a particular focus on the works of Ian Fleming and the 70-year anniversary of the first James Bond novel.

We wish to foster interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration among scholars, authors, and enthusiasts interested in spy fiction and the James Bond phenomenon and similar characters in order to deepen our understanding of the cultural, historical, and literary significance of spy fiction as a genre. We hope to generate new insights, critical perspectives, and research findings related to Ian Fleming, James Bond, and spy fiction in general while we explore the impact on popular culture.

Topics for presentations and discussions may include, but are not limited to:

Proposed Topics

-Ian Fleming’s contribution to spy fiction and the creation of James Bond
-The cultural and historical context of spy fiction in the mid-20th century
-Themes of espionage, secrecy, and intelligence gathering in spy fiction
-Technological advancements and their influence on spy narratives
-Gender representation and the portrayal of women in spy fiction
-The impact of James Bond films on popular culture and the film industry
-Regional adaptations and interpretations of James Bond and spy fiction
-The role of spy fiction in shaping public perception of intelligence agencies
-The influence of spy fiction on real-world intelligence operations
-Contemporary trends and innovations in spy fiction
-Gender inequalities and depiction of femininity and masculinity

Proposed Formats (Lingua franca: English)
-Individual papers (GIRES will included it in a panel)
-Panels (up to 4 presentations-chaired by one of the presenters or appointed by GIRES)
-Roundtable presentations (chaired by one of the presenters or appointed by GIRES)
-Poster presentations
-Student presentations (one paper presented by up to 3 young scholars)
-Keynote speech (depending on the time availability)
-Pre-recorder presentation (s) (Asynchronous Platform)
-Pre-recorder presentation (s) (Synchronous-live- Sessions: live participation of presenter (s) during the Q&A sessions)

Publication Opportunity 
The Organizing Committee and GIRES Press will publish the most powerful and dynamic presentations of the conference and include them
in a collective volume in the form of short articles and/or long essays. For more information please contact us

Live Sessions Recording
All participants have the option to have their presentations recorded (during live sessions) in HD quality. The recordings will be uploaded to GIRES media for unlimited access and dissemination.

Asynchronous Options
All participants have the option to have their presentations (video/audio/text) uploaded to our Virtual Platform. All  registered participants will have access to the material for 5 days.

Our proposed topics & formats are not restrictive and we invite additional germane ideas
Due to the restrictions of Corona Crisis our event (for the time being) will take place VIRTUALLY

  • Date of Conference

    GIRES Headquarters(NL Time)
    30 September 2023

  • Deadline for proposals

    1 September 2023

  • Acceptance notification

    3 September 2023

  • Publication

    Collective Volume

  • Registration fee


  • Accreditation

    Official Certificate issued by GIRES



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