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“Aut viam inveniam aut faciam”

We reconnect academia with the society. GIRES, is the acronym inspired by gyres, the large systems of rotating ocean currents that shape our habitat and affect our lives. We, in GIRES, may ``find a path`` but we will definitely ``create one”. We support the advancement of knowledge and education and create new, pioneering paths for academics, scholars and artists.


Freedom, Integrity, Transparency, Interdisciplinarity, Collaboration, Independence, Diversity, Cognition, Creativity, Equality


GIRES creates a new ecosystem, a home for the global scholarly community. Our dream is to reconstruct academia and reconnect it with society by offering innovative tools and approaches. Our mission is tο create clusters of scholars, promote artistic expression, engage in research projects and support (in)dependent scholars from all over the world. We endorse contemporary methods of education and we disseminate knowledge through our conferences, workshops and publishing services. We offer holistic support in grant grant writing and application assistance for professionals and organizations while our career center’s multiple services supports our members’ endeavors. GIRES regenerates and reorientates academia.

Comprehensive Program 2021-22

The program for the academic year 2021-22 is set! Find all the information in the activities calendar below! Stay tuned, new ideas are loading!

Upcoming Activities 2022


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